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Lot #17: A Sequel to the Judgment of Paris

A Sequel to the Judgment of Paris

In celebration of the Judgment of Paris a few years ago, several Soirée du Vin committee members hosted a competition between California and French wines, during which Californian wines were favored by discerning dinner guests. This year, the highly coveted wine-paired dinner is coming back to Soirée du Vin as they invite you and 5 friends in a sophisticated discovery of Californian and French wine with meticulously selected food pairings for each one of the three delectable courses.

Entering the lovely home of INTL parents and meal constructors Véronique and Boris Micha, you will be greeted by the aroma of a tasty menu. Utilizing their worldly gastronomical knowledge, they will select the perfect pairings of wine and food. While the Judgment of Paris only included red and white wines, your unique dinner will also feature champagne and dessert wine.

Your evening will begin with a cocktail hour of delectable appetizers and champagne. Your party will enjoy three main courses served sequentially with wine progressing from white to red. Your dinner will close with a sweet wine and an exquisite dessert.

During each pairing, you will use your wine expertise to record tasting notes and track your favorite wines on handsome cards made by your hosts. They will reveal the origin of the wines at the end of the spectacular meal, whereupon you may uncover that you have an intuitive preference for Californian or French wine, or an appreciation of both. 

Which will be the ultimate winner this year?

  • A blind tasting of wine paired with a three-course dinner for 6 adults followed by “chariot de desserts” at the home of Véronique & Boris Micha in Redwood City
  • Must be scheduled on a mutually-agreeable date at least two months in advance
  • Does not include transportation or lodging
  • No pets allowed

Donors: Véronique & Boris Micha